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Fulcrum - Achieving Success Together.

From our headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra and through 3 offices in Maharashtra, Specialized Staffing Solutions offers full-service staffing in Office Professional, Light Industrial/Manufacturing, and Technical/Professional disciplines.

We can provide employees to fit your company’s changing needs.  Our screening and recruiting process will help us find and identify quality people who have the required skills. Our focus on process improvement, flexible scheduling and employee development assures the best opportunity for optimal workforce planning. 

Temporary Staffing

Short-term employees can help you stay on track during busy times or fill in wherever you may need extra help. If you need someone for a month or even just a day, we can find you a capable employee that can help you right away. All you have to do is tell us the length of time for the job and the necessary skills you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

Long-term Staffing

Fulcrum Staffing specializes in finding the ‘right fit’ for both our clients and our job seekers who are looking for long-term employment. We understand the importance of finding someone who is reliable, capable, and who’s long-term goals fit with your business. We take the time to get to know your business so we can employees that are the right fit for you and your team.

Direct Hire

For employers looking for a direct hire, we provide candidates that are interested in long-term employment with their company and the position being offered. Direct hire is used by companies who want help recruiting for high end positions within their organizations.

You can rest assured that all our employees go through continuous learning and rigorous training. This is to ensure consistency of information, top selling performance and most of all, proper sales ethics which is provided in our Fulcrum sales team.

If you are thinking of hiring us, don’ worry. We do not keep our resources to ourselves because our trainers could also make themselves available to train the sales teams of your company.

Our Pledges:
Transparency in all customer client interactions.
Diligence in providing high quality, effective business development programs.
Integrity and compliance in all avenues of sales activities.

We aim to provide high quality outsourced sales through transparent and effective business development programs.

These are not a bunch of cliches that we put together. We take these things seriously which is why we provide our sales force with comprehensive training manuals that cover the different types of below the line sales that Fulcrum specializes in and we train them regularly. This insures the clients that we work with that all employees of Fulcrum know the types of work that our company does, so that when asked, the answers are consistent.

We have training modules which cover these different types of sales:

Business to Business Sales Training
Door to Door Sales Training
Brand Ambassador Sales Training
Telesales Training
Verification Traing
Kiosk Retail Operations Training

and more…
Other than the ones on the list, we also provide training modules specific to our clients requirements.

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