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In-Store Brand Activation

In-Store Activation and Product Sampling: Elevating Your Brand with Fulcrum Field Marketing Services

Fulcrum Field Marketing Services stands at the forefront of delivering top-tier product sampling and in-store activation solutions to diverse sectors including FMCG, FMCD, eCommerce, banking, and telecom. Our expertise in transforming companies into preferred brands during in-store shopping experiences has proven to significantly boost sales.

The Power of Product Sampling and In-Store Activation for Revenue Growth

The impact of product sampling and in-store activation on revenue cannot be overstated. Allowing customers to experience a product firsthand dramatically increases the likelihood of purchase—60% of consumers are more inclined to buy after a product trial, compared to 25% who are persuaded by television ads.

Benefits of Embracing Product Sampling and In-Store Activation:

Product Sampling Benefits:

  • Enhances brand visibility
  • Drives sales upward
  • Instantly connects with the target audience
  • Engages customers directly with the product

In-Store Activation Benefits:

  • Improves product visibility to customers
  • Opens up more opportunities for sales
  • Increases customer interaction with products outside the checkout zone
  • Strategically positions products for enhanced in-store promotion

New Channel Opportunities:

  • Leveraging kirana stores as redistribution points for eCommerce deliveries
  • Transforming traditional stores into online order placement points

Existing Channel Enhancement:

  • Introducing wireless/Bluetooth POS systems in traditional stores
  • Partnering with stores for hyperlocal collaborations

Product Introductions and Channel Expansion:

  • Setting up UPI payment centers
  • Seasonal expansion of beverage sales points
  • Facilitating direct communication with distribution partners for broadcasting clients

The Significance of Store Activation in Product Sampling

Store activation plays a crucial role in product sampling by significantly elevating brand awareness and consumer engagement, strategically placing products to capture shoppers’ attention.

Advantages of Effective Field Activation:

  • Gathers immediate customer feedback
  • Amplifies brand visibility
  • Revitalizes older brands to appeal to a younger demographic
  • Cuts through advertising noise
  • Reinforces brand positioning

Choosing Fulcrum for Unmatched Store Activation and Product Sampling

With over two decades of experience, Fulcrum is your go-to partner for pioneering store activation and product sampling strategies:

  • Innovative and impactful activation strategies
  • Skilled professionals dedicated to your success
  • Superior execution in-store
  • Comprehensive services from merchandising to sales
  • Unparalleled flexibility and simplicity in service

Fulcrum is equipped to elevate your brand, whether you’re launching a new product or aiming to boost sales during peak seasons. Trust in Fulcrum to deliver exceptional results.

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