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Our Approach

ExcelForce got it’s start by helping Cheapflights become the top result for the highly competitive travel-related family of search terms.The SEO strategy we developed for the Cheapflights website received a perfect 100% score in an independent audit! Since 2006, we’ve added complementary services to become the leading digital marketing agency for brands looking to establish or build their reputations online.

Social Media Strategy

A thoroughly researched strategy is key to social media success and serves as the foundation for our managed social media packages and consultancy offering.We use advanced diagnostic and analysis tools, paired with sound research strategies to develop a thorough understanding of your brand, message, and audience.This helps us develop a strategy that is unique to you and targeted to meet our specific needs.

Social Media Consultancy

For those clients with internal social media teams,ExcelForce has developed a full-service social media consultancy offering. We support your staff to drive improvement in key areas including platform alignment with marketing strategy, content alignment and leverage, strategic communication, and reputation management.Your brand isn’t built for everyone.Brands that pursue success on every social media platform rarely see measurable result.

Social Media Campaigns

Consumers spend more time on social media platforms than they do on any other app or website. If the age-old marketing principle of “go where your audience is” holds true, then social media is the 21st century’s most lucrative marketing opportunity, and it’s not a close race.

Social Media Services

Nearly all internet users are on one or more social media platform. Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram give brands the opportunity to pro-actively engage with consumers on a regular basis, building brand authority and awareness while driving website traffic and revenue.

Paid Social

A paid social strategy is now considered a conrnerstone of succesful social media marketing today. You can be posting the best content on your feed, at the right time and have loads of followers, but there is one thing missing from this strategy. At ExcelForce we are firm believer

Community Management

Social Media is all about connecting with one another over shared interests. As a brand, it’s your goal to be that shared interest. If you hope to accomplish that, you’ve got to have an effective strategy for building, engaging, and leveraging a community.

 Content Creation and Marketing

Content marketing is one of the core elements of a successful digital marketing strategy, with global spend in the hundreds of billions each year. Luckily for your marketing budget, you can use your content across several channels as part of your social media.

 Reporting & KPIs

You can’t run a business without understanding the impact that your budget is having on your bottom line. At ExcelForce we focus on metrics that matter. Metrics that matter are measurable KPIs, which help you understand how your investment in a platform.

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