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Global strategic partnership announced

Geometry Global has announced a global strategic partnership with augmented reality specialist Blippar to create “augmented retail” in the physical and digital retail space.

The partnership provides Geometry’s clients the opportunity to engage in AR marketing that makes the most impact for their brand. Partnering with Blippar gives Geometry a distinctive advantage in forging a link for brands in the digital and physical retail environments, creating engagement in-store, and ultimately driving a positive product experience.

The partnership launches in the UK, which becomes a hub for continental Europe, and will roll out in the U.S and Germany, with further markets planned for later this year.

Augmented Reality is a critical new frontier for retail – it can help brands overcome purchase barriers by providing shoppers with information and engaging experiences at the point of sale. Given Geometry’s activation and shopping behavior transformation sweet spot, the partnership creates the perfect context to define the rules on AR in retail, shopper and brand storytelling.

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