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    Ecommerce Marketing Agency

    Today’s shoppers prefer digital experiences over the hassle of shopping in physical stores. The internet is bigger than any shopping centre. Ecommerce as an industry is worth over a trillion dollars and expands at a double-digit rate annually. Merchants no longer have to maintain storefronts with expensive overhead, making the barrier to entry for a retail entrepreneur lower than ever.

    While the opportunity represented by ecommerce is indisputable, the competition can’t be ignored. There are over 100,000 ecommerce companies generating meaningful income today, and nearly a million trying to reach that level. There’s a true 1% in ecommerce, with the top 1% of ecommerce sites controlling over a third of all online spending.

    Whether you’re an established digital merchant, a brick-and-mortar brand leaping into the digital age, or a newly established internet retailer, you’ve got a tough hill to climb and a lot of other firms competing for your target audience. If you want to out-sell the competitors, you need to grab shoppers’ attention, keep them engaged, build loyalty, and support their purchasing needs. This requires a shopping cart filled with digital marketing strategies.

    ExcelForce has been a partner to ecommerce brands for over a decade. Our complete suite of digital marketing services helps you show up in search results, drive paid traffic to your site, draw traffic from social media, and build and manage a reliable ecommerce site.

    Digital presence and marketing strategy is crucial for ecommerce brands. Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing industries, makes up a major percentage of the global economy, and allows consumers to have access to global marketplace that’s unprecedented in retail history. Ecommerce is also fiercely competitive, with thousands of competitors in nearly every niche. If you want to push your retail brand to the top level of ecommerce, consider adding Excel Force suite of digital marketing services today.

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