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Careers in Marketing

    Careers in Marketing

    The marketing field provides a wide range of careers for professionals in brand management, PR, and communications.


    Give examples of careers in marketing and what they do for the organization


    Key Points

    • Most roles and functions in marketing involve presenting information to target audiences, increasing consumer and customer demand, and differentiating products against market competition.
    • Field marketing managers, brand managers, PR specialists, and account managers are all positions that fall under the broader field of marketing.
    • Some companies customize marketing positions according to organizational or market needs.

    Key Terms

    • Public relations: Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the flow of information between an individual or an organization and the public.
    • stakeholders: A person or organization with a legitimate interest in a given situation, action or enterprise. It can range from employees and investors of a company to the customers purchasing from the company.
    • customer relationship management: Customer Relations Management (CRM) is concerned with (among other things) the conversion rate: percentage of customers who “try and buy” the product.

    Careers in Marketing

    The marketing field provides a wide range of careers for aspiring professionals in areas such as brand management, public relations, and communications. University students major in disciplines like business management, mass communications, and international marketing to prepare for entry- and mid-level careers at corporations, organizations or government institutions. Educational and research institutions—independent think tanks, colleges, secondary schools, etc.—also hire marketing professionals to promote activities and develop brand messaging for their stakeholders.

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    Marketing Careers: Marketing professionals develop, execute, and monitor activities that increase brand awareness and customer sales.

    Types of Marketing Careers

    Jobs in marketing reflect the diverse marketing mix and the array of business tools used to address customer concerns and increase brand awareness. Regardless of their role or function, marketers must present information to target audiences; increase consumer and customer demand; and differentiate products against market competition. Marketing positions that support these functions include:

    • Field marketing managers conduct promotions in the field. Field marketing is historically thought of as a one-way communication tool. The brand’s message is delivered from promotional personnel to the consumer, by way of a sample, a piece of merchandise, or literature. Today, field marketing may also include two-way communications such as requesting feedback about a sample, or inviting consumers to follow a brand on social media.
    • Brand managers develop and promote a brand’s image, experience, and promise to consumers and customers. Brand manager roles touch all areas of marketing, including advertising, design, public relations, internal and external communications, and customer service.
    • Public relations (PR) specialists manage the flow of information between individuals or organizations and the public. PR specialists help clients and companies gain exposure to target audiences using topics of public interest and news items that do not require direct payment. Some of the main responsibilities of PR specialists include organizing speaking engagements, positioning companies to win industry recognition and accolades, writing press releases, and developing relationships with analysts and media.
    • Advertisers handle a range of functions, including creative services, copywriting, account management, media planning, and media buying. Account managers liaise with clients, while creative directors and copywriters generate key messaging and visual elements for advertisements. Media planners and buyers research the most appropriate online and offline platforms for advertisements.

    Other marketing roles commonly found in organizations include marketing communications managers, marketing analysts, marketing and sales assistants, marketing writers, and internal communications specialists. Some companies customize marketing positions according to organizational or market needs. For example, a CRM marketing analyst may focus on customer relationship management systems and analytics, while social media and engagement managers launch and oversee marketing campaigns across different social media platforms.

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