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A Global Approach to Relationships

In today’s global economy, customer activations can take place anywhere in the world. Where companies used to carve themselves up by geography, today, these geographic boundaries no longer exist. A recent report from McKinsey Quarterly noted that the global flows of goods, services, and finance reached nearly $26 trillion in 2012 and could triple within the next decade. Also by 2025, trade in developing markets will swell to 47 percent of global consumption. Markets and audiences have grown to seamlessly span the globe.

Because this world is so small – and yet remains so enormous – we recognize that our reach into this world must grow exponentially if we are to respond to our clients’ needs and deliver the consistent, quality experiences they expect and deserve. We have therefore eliminated our own geographic boundaries and aligned how we deliver our services on a worldwide stage.

At the enterprise level, Freeman has accomplished this by developing a carefully designed, fully vetted global partner network. It is a deliberate strategy to connect like-minded organizations through a structured network of proven partners whose cultures, services, and values align all the way through to the levels of engagement. Different relationships may lead to different types of activations, but always with the same level of commitment throughout the organization.

We’ve approached the development of our global certified partner network with three key thoughts in mind:

Global events need to tie to global business objectives: We’ve said this time and time again. Events do not exist separate from the rest of your marketing strategy or business objectives. Even more so when we look at a global strategy, events need to be, at minimum, complementary to your marketing efforts and, at best, the driving force that moves your business forward. We get that, and so does our global partner network.

Experience is enhanced by digital: We are on the precipice of massive change. Technology is driving that change. We know that nothing can replace high-touch, face-to-face interaction. But we also know that we can no longer expect to have our attendees’ undivided attention – not when they are walking around with access to the entire world in their pocket. Digital integration is absolutely pivotal to engaging global audiences today, and our global partner network is ready to deploy the most cutting-edge technologies to enhance your brand experience.

A values-based approach: As Freeman is a values-driven organization, it was extremely important to us that we build a network of partners worldwide who not only “get” our values but also live and breathe them as well. We truly believe that it’s our people, and the values they believe in, that make the difference for our customers – so that needs to extend to the work we do around the world.

By doing the heavy lifting up front in meticulously assembling this network, it becomes possible to effortlessly deliver the precise scale and scope of services clients may need, anywhere in the world. Go-to market strategies may vary, cultural nuances may exist, and activations may look different. But today those differences no longer drive the experience – the brand does. The experience remains the experience.

Our collective appetite to ensure we are all speaking the same language is just as strong no matter where we are in the world. Freeman has assembled the resources ready to make this happen, giving our clients the confidence to approach diverse markets in countless ways, always knowing that they are delivering their brand messages effectively, reliably, and accurately, everywhere they want to go.

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